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2320 & 2330 Marinship Way, Sausalito, CA/Occupancy costs are a fraction of San Francisco costs/Central Bay Area - Easy access via ferry, bus, bike and car. World class, walkable amenities


2320 Marinship Way ±43,175 SF full building occupancy
2330 Marinship Way Spectacular office suites from ±1,392 SF to ±5,764 SF


Marina Plaza is a two-building Class A, bayside office property with stunning maritime views. Providing a convenient commute from many Bay Area locations, Marina Plaza is located within a short walk of world class amenities including fine and casual dining, business services, recreation and convenience stores.

Dramatically cut occupancy costs and provide employees with an amazing lifestyle work environment at Marina Plaza.

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2320 Marinship Way ► Available Now

Suite Floor RSF Full Service/RSF/Month
100 1st ±15,040 $5.00
200 2nd ±15,646 $5.00
300 3rd ±12,489 $5.00

Landlord prefers full building user

2330 Marinship Way

Suite Floor RSF Full Service/RSF/Month
100 1st ±5,437 $5.00 Available
190 1st ±2,161 $4.50 Available
200 2nd ±1,627 $5.00 Available
250 2nd ±5,764 $5.00 Available 12/1/19
Divisible to ±1,392 RSF


Spectacular office spaces with expansive decks to appreciate stunning water views.
Conveniently accessible location by ferry, bus, bike and car.
Rare ±43,175 SF full-building occupancy opportunity.
Excellent mix of private offices, creative shared spaces, meeting places and recreational amenities in the suite.
Best in market parking at 5/1000 with electric vehicle charging stations.
Affordable rental rate, efficient operating expenses, relatively low improvement costs and lack of payroll and revenue taxes.


Annual Rent per Square Foot

Marina Plaza San Francisco Class A
$60.00 $100.00

Annual OPEX per Square Foot

Marina Plaza San Francisco Class A
$10.00 $35.00

Typical TI Cost per Square Foot

Marina Plaza San Francisco Class A
$80.00 $160.00+

Typical Parking Cost per Day

Marina Plaza San Francisco Class A
$0.00 $30.00+

Average Annual Occupancy Cost

Cost Marina Plaza San Francisco Class A
Rent $2,503,849 $4,173,061
Opex Pass-Through* $53,288 $186,509
Amortized TI* $155,485 $414,626
Parking*** $0 $316,697
Total $2,749,024 $5,090,913
Annual Savings $2,341,889
*Average estimated pass through over a 10-year term assuming 3% annual increases.
**Anticipated cost in excess of projected TI allowance amortized over 10-years at 7% APR.
***Assumes 1 space per 1,000 SF used 290 days per year.

Occupancy Taxes

Marina Plaza San Francisco Class A
None Payroll Expense Tax
(0.4 to 0.8% of total payroll expense)
Gross Receipts Tax
(0.075 to 0.65% of gross receipts)
Potential Homeless Services Tax
(0.5% increase on annual revenues
over $50 million on November ballot)
Proposition C
Universal Child care
for San Francisco families
(3.5% plus 0.3% =
3.8% current tax on commertial rents)


  • First Floor
    2320 Marinship Way
    ±15,040 SF

    Second Floor
    2320 Marinship Way
    ±15,646 SF

    Third Floor
    2320 Marinship Way
    ±12,489 SF

    First Floor
    2330 Marinship Way
    Suite 100: ±5,437 SF, Suite 190: ±2,161 SF

    Second Floor
    2330 Marinship Way
    Suite 200: ±1,627 SF



Morning Commute To Mission/First To Marina Plaza
Union/Fillmore 17 mins 15 mins
Berkeley 37 mins 43 mins
Walnut Creek 52 mins 59 mins
Petaluma 85 mins 40 mins

Evening Commute From Mission/First From Marina Plaza
Union/Fillmore 20 mins 27 mins
Berkeley 51 mins 53 mins
Walnut Creek 76 mins 103 mins
Petaluma 82 mins 59 mins



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